Gourmet Cafe DeOro Coffee Lounge is a Specialty Coffees house, fully operational coffee house that seeks to serve the community on Lillooet,B.C. We hope that you feel at home when you are here !  DeOro Coffee Lounge, it’s all about the quality of the coffee; the care and preparation by our first-rate baristas. DeOro Coffee Lounge uses only 100 % Organic Coffee bean, fair trade coffee and espresso coffee beans,Try our new fresh pressed juice,100% fresh fruits and veggies juiced right before your eyes- Super Earth juice.

We’re proud to serve the highest quality coffee, tea, and lunch menu available.


Contact:    TEXT message​ : 250-256-1512

 Email to  info@hoteldeoro.com

Specialty Coffees

* Newly built  DeOro Coffee Lounge owned and operated since 2012 by the
Hotel DeOro

In 2012 winter, Jay and Bonah  decided to build a Specialty  Coffees House under Hotel Deoro.

The previous tenant was a movie gallery, which went down after all the  4,700 movie rental businesses in North America closed down in 2010. 
Thereafter, Jay and Bonah(building owner) took over the location as a private movie store under the name of "Starburst Movie" for a couple years, until closing it in the fall of 2011. 

The DeOro Coffee Lounge was designed & Established by Jay Han; he was inspired by the many beach side Cafés in the Saipan (Northern Mariana Island), where he used to run a business 23 years ago. Jay envisioned a tropical holiday vacation feel for the lounge, and hired local talents to begin the construction.  

Photo 1: Jay and Bonah  using a heavy duty concrete grinder to remove the old carpet glue off the floor. This process took 4 days to complete. The photo shows Bonah's considerable amount of contribution to the project. 

Photo 2: Kerry N., Lillooet's local wood craft and odd jobs specialist, builds the cashier, kitchen area cabinets and shelves.

Photo 3: Eric F, Lillooet's dry wall and carpenter, builds the hand made bar seating tables by the front window, the condiment table, continental breakfast serving table, sofa seating area  table, toilet, all with Lillooet’s natural woods. Years later, he constructed the dry wall as well as the supply storage room in the hotel reception. 

Photo 4: James H., Lillooet's commercial plumber, constructs all the new plumbing work.

Photo 5: Arron E., Lillooet's electrician, installs new power lines as well as lighting. 

Jay and Bonah would like to show their appreciation to all of Lillooet's suppliers for their time. Everyone truly showed dedication to their work.